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ATA International Elevates Industry Standards by Partnering with National Leader Grow Pro Agency
Elevating Martial Arts Training: ATA International Partners with MyStudio for Innovation and Benefits
2023 Fall Nationals Midterm & Rank Testing Results
ATA to Make Affordable Healthcare Options Available through its Authorized Partners
World Martial Arts Names Craig Landfair as CEO
Chief Master Tammy Harvey-Stauber Becomes the Top Ranked Female in the ATA
2023 Worlds Midterm & Rank Testing Results
2023 Award Winners
America's Largest Martial Arts Organization Chooses New Leader
2022 Regional Award Winners
2023 Spring Nationals Midterm & Rank Testing Results
ATA International Offers Free Membership to Displaced Students from Non-Affiliated Martial Arts Organization in Central Arkansas
ATA International Announces 2023 Business Council Members
ATA Greats to Test for 9th Degree During 2023 Worlds
Student Spotlight: Myra and Samya Kheterpal Lead Initiative to Support Disadvantaged Girls



ATA International Announces New Accreditation for Songahm Taekwondo Instructor Program
2022 Fall Nationals Midterm & Rank Testing Results
Student Spotlight: Meet ATA’s First Indian Woman Master Nominee
ATA International Announces Partnership with SKILLZ



2022 Worlds Midterm & Rank Testing Results
2022 Award Winners
ATA International Announces the Business Council Members
ATA International Introduces Training to Prevent Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination



Grand Master Emeritus In Ho Lee to Attend 2022 Worlds
Iliana Garcia
Brandon Young
2022 Spring Nationals Midterm & Rank Testing Results



Channah Zeitung
ATA International Announces 2023 Spring Nationals
ATA Songahm Masters’ Council Announces Regional Awards Reinstatement and Winners
Michael Bennett



Ethan Fineshriber
Riley Ketcham
ATA Announces 2022 Masters' Ceremony
Krista Kaminski



ATA Announces 2022 Fall Nationals
Augustus Artis
Aishani Patel
ATA Recognizes the Honorable, Dr. Michael J. Ackerman



9 Facts About Presiding Grand Master Nominee M.K. Lee
Meet Our Newest ATA Brand Ambassadors!
Presiding Grand Master Nominee M.K. Lee Invites All To World Vision Tour Training Session
Congratulations, 20/20 Armor Reflex & Reaction Tournament Champs!



ATA Announces New Addition to the Ethics Committee
Welcome Back, Chief Master Tammy Harvey-Stauber
ATA Master’s Council Announces Changes During 2021 Worlds Championships
Rohan Verwey: Making History in South Africa



JP Vorster: Making History in South Africa
Chief Master Jay Kohl – Returns to the Family
Success in the “Post-COVID” World - Part 2
Success in the “Post-COVID” World - Part 1



LAUGHTER: The Best Medicine
Tweak Your Summer Taekwondo Travel with These Tips
Communication: Getting & Giving the Message
A Dose-By-Dose Breakdown of Vitamins



Tournaments 101
All In The Mind
Armor for Confidence & Power
Packing A Punch



You Better Believe It!
How To: Improve Your Core Strength
Got Calcium?
Ready For Routine



CARBS: The Good, The Bad, The Complex
Dynamite Discipline Life Skill
Don't Forget! Master Your Memory
How To: Crank Up Your Cardio