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An exciting new addition to the ATA's training resources!

Traliant is an award-winning employee training company serving over 5,000 organizations. Traliant training focuses on preventing discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as promoting cultural and religious inclusivity. Available to all ATA members. Students who need Leadership Points in order to be eligible to test for black belt ranks can earn up to 20 points by completing these training courses. Additionally, beginning with the 2022 Fall Nationals the training will be required for all school or club owners upon obtaining or renewing their instructor certifications.

AFTER you click the HERE button below; choose the Creating a Respectful Workplace – “Respectful Workplace Training Package” (6 training topics) $38.00.

If you have access or loading issues in-regards-to any of the 6 required training topics:  

1. Immediately save a screenshot. Then…

2. Log out, wait a moment, then log back in. If the problem persists…  

3. Send the screenshot to our Traliant representative Karen Britton ( with a CC to Chief Master Tish Kohl (

Click HERE to view training resources.