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“Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, and Train for the Future”

May 15 - 25, 2023


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    Since the first trip to Korea in 1987, ATA International has maintained this tradition and expanded the experience through advanced training, competition, and building community with the ATA family of South Korea. We are proud to announce that in May of 2023, ATA International, faculty members of Lee College, and students of Songahm University will be traveling to Korea again. On this trip, we will learn more about the history and culture of Korea by visiting Gyeongju, which is considered the birthplace of Korean culture. We will spend time in the capital city, Seoul, which is a massive metropolis where modern architecture, efficient transit, and pop culture collide with Buddhist Temples, palaces, and street markets. Please email for further questions, comments or concerns.






    Spring Nationals will take place in Dallas, TX
    at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

    March 1-4, 2023