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ATA International Introduces Training to Prevent Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination



Jordan Schreiber

ATA International Introduces Training to Prevent Abuse, Harassment and Discrimination

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS (July 7, 2022) – ATA International, the world’s largest organization dedicated to teaching martial arts to the entire family and with over 1,000 licensed locations across the globe, is pleased to announce new resources to foster a safe and supportive training environment for all ATA students and families.

Through partnerships with two leading organizations, the ATA will ensure that students and instructors are protected from abuse, harassment and discrimination.

The first partnership is with the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which produces guidelines and training resources for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. SafeSport training focuses on preventing child sexual abuse, bullying, harassment and hazing. After an initial test phase where this training was offered on a voluntary basis, ATA is now expanding this partnership to reach more instructors.

The second partnership is with Traliant, an award-winning employee training company serving over 5,000 organizations. Traliant training focuses on preventing discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as promoting cultural and religious inclusivity. This is an exciting new addition to the ATA’s training resources.

Together, these training programs will help foster a safe and supportive environment for ATA students, instructors, staff and volunteers.

Both the SafeSport and the Traliant training courses are available to all ATA members. Students who need Leadership Points in order to be eligible to test for black belt ranks can earn up to 20 points by completing these training courses. Additionally, beginning with 2022 Fall Nationals the training will be required for all school or club owners upon obtaining or renewing their instructor certification.

The ATA has long required instructors to be certified in CPR, to pass criminal background checks, and to maintain their teaching skills by renewing their instructor certification every three years. With the addition of the SafeSport and Traliant training, the ATA deepens its comprehensive commitment to the safety of its members and cements its position as the world’s leading martial arts organization.

ATA members can complete the training here:

About ATA International

The ATA was founded in 1969 by Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee. The organization is internationally headquartered in Little Rock, AR and has called the state capital home since 1977. With active membership approaching 300,000 worldwide, ATA is North America’s largest martial arts organization dedicated to the discipline of Taekwondo. ATA is a pioneer in the martial arts industry because of its unique Songahm style curriculum.